78C, Frederik's St., DK-8000 Aarhus C - a place that lets you run and develop your business or your project from day one. Office hotel space is leased to people who turn current subjects into topics of conversation, and who work in:

  • education
  • teaching
  • culture
  • social conditions
  • healthcare
  • social enterprises
  • the environment
  • democracy
  • fellow citizenship

You already run your own business with a principal idea and concept, and you wish to work with others whose business ambitions go beyond satisfactory annual accounts.
As tenant of an office hotel space in the FO-city, you will be part of this great community and will be in particularly close contact with the Project Cradle, placed in the FO-Aarhus administration in Frederik's St. 78C, which houses our project and development staff.

More than 130,000 people visit the FO-city annually: volunteers, clients, staff, course participants, partygoers, event organizers, meeting participants, etc. That means there's plenty of "collaborators" whether you seek new associates or new clients.

A positive energy exists in the FO-city with plenty of activities, arrangements, events, meetings, education (computers, exercise, job-seeking, languages, cooking, cleaning, dancing, etc.), parties, lectures, counseling, guidance, project development, self-development….

You can contribute to the exciting working environment, being part of the community and gaining inspiration for new projects.
Briefly on economics and conditions
We own 2 offices with 2 workplaces in each and 1 office with 3 workplaces.
In these offices, a workplace is 2,300 DKK per month.

Moreover, we often have vacant desks in the Project Cradle, an open office with 10-12 workplaces. To work here is 2,100 DKK per month, including power, water, heating, alarm, and cleaning.

These prices are VAT free. Apart from rent, you pay for your use of phone, web, copying, and faxes. You provide your own office supplies (scissors, stationery, stapler, perforator, etc.), and coffee. In turn, small meeting rooms are at your disposal along with a storage space in the basement, if desired; and there is access to a shared lunch room, refrigerator, and dishwasher.

In addition, the FO-city includes:

  • several classrooms for 20-30 people
  • computer room
  • auditorium with 100 seats
  • banquet room and kitchen for receptions, company parties, etc.
  • our cozy Café Nicolai with cheap and healthy cuisine for the everyday life

The deposit is 3 months rent and 3 months notice must be given by either side. A lease is drawn up.

Frederik's St. 78 is a 7-minute walk from the train station and the Bus Street in Aarhus city centre.

Resident tenants in the FO-city:
FO-Aarhus's administration and evening classes

The Gimle folk high school courses:

  • Mandala
  • The Complete Human
  • When Stress Takes Over
  • Civic Living
  • Women's Lives
  • Jobcoaching
  • College Aarhus

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Aarhus Legal Aid
Aarhus Production School (Care Crew)
Job Growth
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Tantra Temple
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